Apostolos Dagounis is active in the toutism industry of Greece since 1985, specifically in the production and formation of hand-made ceramics lined with 24-carat gold primarily depicting Ancient Greek figures and scenes. His company's continued success is owed to the high quality and aesthetic appeal of the final product. This is achieved by the authenticity of the designs created, as well as the attention-oriented detail that goes into each stage of production. Apostolos and his team gave an industry-wide reputation for consistency, respect amongst colleagues, and the ability to fullfill the evolving demands of the market season after season. Through his years in business along with his team, Apostolos has managed to develop a strong sales and marketing network, but more importantly partnerships locally in Greece, as well as internationally in other tourist markets. Our products can be found in select hand-picked shops throughout Greece, USA, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Cyprus, Romania and Albania.